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How much does a tram ticket cost? And a pizza? A packet of cigarettes? A newspaper?

Well, you know the value of certain things. But what if I asked you:  how much value has your reputation and your image? … This is PRICELESS!

PR deal with your own image and reputation, helping you improving your business. Something that is priceless. They are an "outline" you cannot do without. Marketing and PR (and other basic and innovative tools) MUST be part of your business strategy, if you want to be successful.

Star2Com can be the right tool to help you managing something that you already have and that is priceless.

Star2Com S.r.l.

has a very strong experience in PR in the gaming market for each platform (MMO, social gaming, mobile gaming, browser games and F2P), as well as strong experience in PR for retail games and consumer/ITC/IT market.

We are in particular specialized to realize PR campaigns and create interest (media and final users) for online and retail games in Italy, and we helps tier 1 Companies to promote their games in different platforms (PC, PS3, XBOX, Wii, DS, iOS, Android, etc.), even if their products are not localized in Italian language (Italians are in the habit to play online games in english language).

Our Services are:
  • Consulting, production, design and distribution of press releases and assets for targeted media and follow-up.
  • Coordination of promotion events for media.
  • Support at National and International trade shows.
  • Video production (press releases, corporate web, interviews).
  • Organization and coordination of contests for media: radio, TV, press, online.
  • Promoting co-marketing agreements.
  • Social and Viral networking/marketing, activities and promotions.
  • Suggestion of partnerships in order to increase the business.
  • Realization of ADV campaigns on Italian media.
  • Management of new or existing facebook fan pages in order to increase the “likes” and fidelize the community of players.
  • Realization of printed materials and graphic design for events, trade shows, ADV, etc.

Star2Com is part of several Networks in Europe and Worldwide, made by the most important PR Agencies and Professionists. This can allow us to offer services globally.

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